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The internet used to be called the information system super highway when it became popular for web pages in mid nineties. People often look over this now and think of the internet now as a way to access facebook or send whitty "Emails" to their friends. But think about it, information is flowing fasting than every before. And we're not just talkin pr0n here. Ideas, concepts, feelings not even formed into concepts are all there. In binary form, in flux.

I believe the internet will accelerate evolution of man kind. Even if you've never touched a computer it is still affecting your life.

Many yakians are a driving force in this global electronic renaissance; improving technology via reverse engineering, administrating a network, or even passing along a meme. I'm sure yall may know vaguely or precisely what I mean. Even the lay person would probably admit the internet phenomena is an awe inspiring feat of human kind.

I control information flow. No, not to the human race but to a small fucked up percentage of the human race. That is a cool thing to know because knowledge is passed with information. And knowledge is power. So in fucked up way I control the flow of power, or at least understands a bit how it works.

I guess I'd be like a toll booth willie on the Information Super Highway.

"Welcome to Autonomous System #42883. Dollar twenty-five please."

sometimes, i'm a vagrant with a cardboard sign that says nashville. sometimes, i'm a commuter, like yall sometimes i like to get metaphorically liquored up and go at the speed of light the wrong way of the express lane of the internet. causing bits to crash over the median and metaphorical bit blood to be spilt.


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